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7 Ways To Use Sesame Oil For Hair Growth And Conditioning

We have all heard about sesame seed oil being used for cooking purposes because of the great flavor. However, you will be surprised to know that sesame oil for hair growth and scalp conditioning is popular in Asian countries. According to experts, this oil has proteins, minerals and vitamins that strengthen the hair roots and nourish them. This oil has several alternate names like gingelly oil and til ka tel for hair.

Benefits Of Sesame Oil For Hair

There are many ways in which you can use sesame seeds for hair loss treatment. This includes both internal and external use. To get the best results it is recommended that you use the seeds for both, internal and external purposes. Given below are the uses and benefits of this product.

Promote Natural Hair Growth

This oil can easily penetrate the pores on the scalp and nourish the hair follicles properly. It also helps to improve the blood circulation on the scalp thereby promoting natural hair growth. Therefore application of the oil to the hair and scalp is the simplest form to get started.

Another way to promote hair growth is by consuming a tablespoon of sesame seeds daily. These seeds contain magnesium and calcium which help in faster hair growth.

Using sesame seed oil for cooking purpose is another effective way to ensure that your body gets all the nutrients contained in this seed.

Gray Hair Remedy

Many people use sesame oil for black hair because it has hair darkening properties. It can be used to prevent premature graying of hair. If you regularly use this oil, then you will be able to maintain the natural color of your hair for a long time. Those who already have gray hair can use it as an effective gray hair remedy.

Treat Bacterial And Fungal Infection Of The Scalp

Sesame oil has excellent antibacterial properties and therefore regular use of this oil helps to prevent bacterial and fungal infection of the scalp. In fact it is also effective for getting rid of lice in the hair when used in combination with certain other essential oils.

Regular use of sesame oil for hair is also effective for getting rid of dandruff. For this purpose it is best to apply the oil at bedtime and wash it in the morning to get best results.

When applied regularly, it helps to soothe the scalp and prevent formation of dandruff.

UV Protection

If your hair and scalp are sensitive to the rays of sun then use of sesame oil can provide the much needed protective coating that protects the hair and the follicles from getting damaged due to ultraviolet rays.

Hair Mask And Serum

Use of hair mask for treatment of hair loss and dandruff is an effective method. Here again til oil can be added to the hair mask. For example, you can add a few drops of sesame oil to the hair mask containing yogurt and turmeric.

This oil can also be used as a serum for your hair. This provides shine and luster for your hair. You should only apply a few drops of this oil to get shiny hair. Too much of oil can make your hair look oily and greasy.

Dry Scalp Treatment And Scalp Conditioning

Dryness of the scalp and hair is a common problem for many people. Sesame seed oil can be mixed with other ingredients like lime juice and root juice in equal parts to create a highly effective mixture for removing dryness of the scalp.

Use your fingers to gently massage the mix into your scalp. After applying the mix to your entire scalp, you can wrap a hot towel on your head. This will help mix to penetrate deep inside the scalp and moisten the scalp really well. You can remove the towel after half an hour and shampoo your hair as usual.

Sesame seed oil for hair and scalp conditioning is also very popular. For this you will have to mix the oil with a deep conditioner and apply the mix to your scalp. Leave the mix for one hour before you wash your hair. Because of the deep penetrating properties this oil will even help in repairing damaged hair.

Treatment Of Hair Loss Due To Stress

This oil has very good cooling properties and therefore is very effective in stopping hair loss caused due to stress. The cool effect of the oil relieves stress and makes you feel calm.

To make it work like a true stress buster you should go for the hot oil treatment.

The rejuvenating properties of this oil make it an excellent choice for treatment of split ends. Just apply the oil to the ends of your hair or maybe dip your hair in sesame oil to get best results.

The effectiveness of sesame oil for hair will be reduced drastically if you wash your hair with a strong shampoo that with strip away all the nutrients. Therefore you should always use a mild organic shampoo for washing your hair post application of til oil.