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Are Vitamin E Capsules For Hair Growth Effective?

The use of vitamin E capsules for hair growth and stopping hair loss has become popular in the recent times.

Experts say that one of the reasons for vitamin e capsules becoming popular is the ability to improve blood circulation including the scalp.

With good blood circulation, the hair follicles get good nourishment and they grow well.

Vitamin E is a chemically known as alpha-tocopherol and it is a fat soluble vitamin.

Before we look at what the research studies say about the effectiveness of vitamin e for hair, let’s look at some of the benefits of this vitamin.

Benefits Of Vitamin E For Hair

The application of vitamin E on the scalp is particularly good for repairing damaged hair and stimulates hair growth.

Vitamin E is most often in the form of food supplements and capsules.

But few people know that it is also possible to use it externally.

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant found in nature known as tocopherols and tocotrienols. It has long been known to improve the beauty and health of hair, skin and nails.

Indeed, by defending the body against free radicals, vitamin E limits their harm and strengthens our bones, our hair and our nails.

This is the reason it is particularly good if you have damaged hair and split ends.

Vitamin E has exceptional antioxidant properties that help repair damaged hair follicles.

In addition, by stimulating the immune system and blood circulation, including in the scalp, vitamin E is one of the best natural solutions to improve hair growth.

As you apply vitamin E, your hair will be stronger, healthier and shinier!

Thanks to its antioxidant properties, vitamin E slows down the aging process of the hair.

Indeed, it limits the action of free radicals and therefore the oxidation of tissues, responsible for the appearance of gray hair.

It also helps in repairing tissues and reducing inflammation.

Vitamin E oil also helps to moisturize and improve the texture and quality of hair. It helps to maintain the oil and PH balance of the scalp so that the hair does not become brittle and break.

Vitamin e oil helps to fight dandruff in the scalp. It seems dandruff can make hair follicles dry by absorbing the natural oil in the scalp and this can lead to slowing down of hair growth.

Vitamin e oil on the scalp also protects the hair and the scalp from ultra violet (UV) rays. It seems ultra violet rays can damage the hair follicles causing hair loss.

Some people claim that vitamin e capsules can help in restoring the shine of the hair that was lost due to chemicals, heating and using styling products. This is the reason many hair product manufacturers add vitamin e to their product.

Some foods are excellent natural sources of vitamin E such as olive oil, coconut oil, avocado, spinach, sunflower seeds, wheat germ, nuts and seeds.

It is therefore good to promote the consumption of these foods, in addition to the application of vitamin E oil externally.

Now many of the hair regrowth shampoos also add vitamin e to make it more effective. You can also try one of these natural shampoos with vitamin e.

How To Use And Apply Vitamin E On Hair?

To begin, you will need to have the following ingredients and equipment:

      A mild shampoo (the one you usually use).
      A towel
      2 capsules of vitamin E 200 IU
      A vegetable oil (preferably sesame oil or castor oil)
      A small plate
      A comb
      Hair clips

Once you have all these ingredients together, you can proceed to the application of vitamin E oil mix on your hair, by following the steps below.

1. Start by washing your hair with your usual shampoo and then dry with a towel so that the hair is slightly damp.

2. Pour one fourth cup of vegetable oil into a small container, pierce the vitamin E capsules with a needle and pour the contents into the vegetable oil. You can also warm the mix slightly by placing it in a vessel with hot water.

3. Divide your hair into 4 equal parts, wrap them and fix them in height using the hair clips;

4. Now dip your fingers in the vegetable oil / vitamin E mixture and apply root to the ends. Do not forget to massage the scalp;

5. When you have applied the mix on each strand of hair, leave the mix to work for 30 minutes then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Vitamin E Capsules For Hair?

Although there is no accurate information about the side effects, however excessive dosage can cause problems and therefore always consult your doctor for dosage.

Taking vitamin e capsules orally can cause some damage if you are undergoing treatment for some other health problem.

This is because vitamin e interferes with some medications and this includes chemotherapy medicines.

Are Vitamin E Capsules For Hair Growth Clinically Proven?

There are a limited number of studies that have indicated that vitamin e does help in hair regrowth.

According to these studies, vitamin e reduces the oxidative stress in the scalp, which is considered to be associated with hair loss and alopecia.

Although there only a few studies on this subject but people have continued to use vitamin e capsules for hair growth and they have got good results.

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

You may have to use vitamin e capsules for hair growth for several weeks before you see some hair growth.

Along with application of vitamin e oil to the scalp you can also consume these capsules so that your body gets sufficient amount of vitamin e.

It also helps with improved blood flow in the blood vessels. One of the popular brands is the Evion 400 vitamin e capsule for hair growth.

The Evion 400 vitamin e capsules are effective for both men and women.

However, it offers some more health benefits for men when consumed orally like - correction of sexual dysfunction, improved sperm count, improved fertility, reduction in pain after weightlifting etc.

According to experts one should take other vitamins and minerals also for hair growth. These include vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, omega 9, omega6, iron, selenium, zinc, magnesium, calcium etc.

Consuming very high dose (1000) of vitamin e can cause thinning of blood and blood clotting and therefore it should be avoided. Always consult your doctor before you start taking any supplements.


While there are not many research studies that establish the effectiveness of vitamin e for hair growth, however many people have obtained good results by using it.

Some of the vitamin e capsules for hair growth reviews also indicate that many products with vitamin e are popular and people are using them regularly.