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Regrow Hair Protocol Review - Does David Mckenna's Product Work?

If you are bald and someone tells you that you can regrow hair back by just eating some specific foods, would you believe them?

Well, this is exactly what David McKenna, The author of the book Regrow Hair Protocol claims. By the way, some websites call this product as Red Dragon Hair Regrowth Protocol.

According to David McKenna, all you need to do is include a bowl of food recommended by him along with the other foods you eat.

And when the recommended food is combined in the right quantities, your body will start to block PGD2 and start to regrow hair.

Further, he says that his eBook Regrow Hair Protocol provides details of all the vitamins, nutrients and foods that can easily deactivate PGD2 enzyme.

He says that his method is 100% natural way to safely and permanently regrow hair in as little as 14 days irrespective of whether you are male or female, suffer from male pattern baldness or alopecia, or you are 22 or 54 years old.

These are very tall claims and we did not know if this is really true. That’s why we decided to find all the facts and present in this regrow hair protocol review for everyone.

What Exactly Is Regrow Hair Protocol Program?

The Regrow Hair Protocol or the Red Dragon Hair Regrowth Protocol is an information product or eBook that presents details about hair loss, why it happens and how to stop hair loss and regrow hair by using natural food items.

While there are many products in the market those claim to provide the perfect solution for hair loss problem, however, most of the products are not based on scientific facts and information.

It seems David McKenna put together his series of eBooks and guides after doing research, studies and testing for many years to find out healthy food items that help to stop hair loss and begin regrowth of hair.

Who Is David Mckenna?

David is an average person like you and me who suffered from hair loss. He is not a doctor, dermatologist or a scientist.

His frustration with hair loss made him do all the research work to get a solution.

It seems hair loss problems started for David more than a decade ago. His wife and friends often commented on his hair loss problem making him feel miserable.

This further contributed to low confidence and self-esteem.

In order to stop hair loss, David spent hundreds of dollars on products and solutions that never really worked for him.

In fact some of the hair loss treatments even caused unwanted side effects for him.

This is when David took it as a challenge to come up with the root cause of hair loss and a solution to the problem.

It seems David did his research on hair loss at the University of Pennsylvania and John Hopkins University.

His research revealed that hair loss happens due to an enzyme called PGD2. This is not the same as some of the other scientific studies that have indicated DHT to be the root cause of hair loss.

David’s method of curing hair loss is also very different and is based on natural foods and not on DHT blockers.

How Does Regrow Hair Protocol Work?

The information presented in David McKenna’s guide is based on the fact that PGD2 enzyme causes hair loss and inhibiting production of this enzyme stops hair fall and restarts the growth process.

In order to achieve this, regrow hair protocol eBook gives you details of natural items that are effective PGD2 inhibitors.

This concept is quite different from all that we have heard from doctors and hair loss specialists.

And the key thing that David mentions is that his method is effective for all kinds of hair loss, whether it is genetic, age related, hormonal changes, vitamin deficiency or any other.

This is why we decided to present some more details about PGD2 and its relationship with hair loss below.

What Is The Relationship Between PGD2 And Hair Loss?

In 2012 a study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania School of medicine had indicated that men with hair loss and baldness had 3 times more prostaglandin (PGD2) on their scalp in comparison with people with no hair loss problem.

Another study just before this one was done at the University of Athens medical school. This study indicated that flavonoids, contained in most fruits and vegetables, contained chemicals that inhibited PGD2 production.

These chemicals are called quercetin and luteolin.

According to website perfecthairhealth, there are several other natural items that inhibit PGD2 production like ricinoleic acid, which is a fatty acid found in castor oil.

It seems there are even some pharmaceutical medicines like ramatroban and setipiprant that are known to inhibit PGD2 production. Some of these pharmaceutical items are under trial and results are still not available.

Users in one of the hair care forums indicated that reduction of PGD2 production by various methods only reduced hair loss but did not help in regrowth of hair.

Further it was mentioned that PDG2 inhibitors only helped in preventing hair loss for people experiencing male or female pattern baldness. It did not help people who were experiencing hormonal changes, hair loss due to vitamin, biotin or any other deficiency.

Based on limited information available about PGD2 and its impact on hair loss, it can be said that there is not enough scientific evidence to conclude that there is a clear relationship between PGD2 production and hair loss.

However let’s be clear that lack of perfect scientific evidence does not mean that David McKenna’s method will not work. It is just that you will have to try out and see if it works for you.

What Is There In Regrow Hair Protocol Program Package?

The main item in the package is the regrow hair protocol guide itself. This guide gives comprehensive information about hair loss, types of hair loss, how to regrow hair naturally, important nutrients for hair growth, the quantity of nutrients required for naturally growing hair and much more.

This guide also includes a day-by-day hair protocol. This part of the guide gives you what you should eat each day and how much to eat in order to get the desired results.

The specific food and nutrient combinations are clearly mentioned so that you get best results.

This day-by-day part of the guide provides you a schedule and a calendar to track the results you obtain from this treatment.

Another important section of the guide is about minerals, vitamins and nutrients.

While the basic idea is to make hair grow by eating natural foods but it does not hurt to include some other items that have vitamins and minerals. This may be oils, topical solutions, teas and other things.

So you get details of foods and items like tea, raw materials, natural nutrients, vitamins, minerals etc and the best places to get these items at a low cost.

Not only do you come to know about nutrients that are useful for hair growth but David also explains why these nutrients are important and how they impact hair growth.

Hair Raising Recipes eBook

The next component of the package is the Hair Raising Recipes eBook.

The recipe eBook provides you handpicked recipes that have produced best hair growth for people.

These recipes include the steps to make the food item, list of ingredients and the best practices to prepare the item.

Hairy Smoothies eBook

The next component of the package is the Hairy Smoothies eBook.

If you are a busy person then you may not have all the time to make those nutritious recipes.

The best way to get results under such situations is to go for smoothies that are easy and quick to prepare.

These smoothies have been found to be effective for bald spot treatment and hair growth without compromising on time.

Many customers who have used the recipes guide felt that these recipes do not force you to make and eat specific items, but they rather help you to supplement and improve the foods that you already eat.

So those who fear that they may have to follow a certain diet to grow hair can be at ease, because you don’t have to do that.

While the main focus of red dragon hair regrowth protocol guide is on hair loss treatment and not weight loss but many customers have reported weight loss due to the healthy food and vitamins that they included in their diet.

Regrow Hair Protocol Review: Analyzing The Pros And Cons

Now that you know what is inside the regrow hair protocol package, it is time take a look at the pros and cons of this program.

We have tried to capture some customer feedback about this program and the pros and cons are based on the feedback we collected.


Educates You on Healthy Foods - Many users have indicated that this program gave them details of healthy foods and this has helped them to make modifications to their diet in order to grow hair and stop hair loss.

It seems the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients mentioned in the main guide are useful not only for those suffering from hair loss but also for others who would like to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Some users of the product have indicated that they were able to shed some pounds and get fit by following the healthy food guidelines in this program. Some others have indicated improvement in their skin appearance.

Cost Effective Program - When you compare the cost of this product with some of the other treatment options like hair transplant, non-surgical hair weaving and others, this is a relatively inexpensive product.

Even if you don’t grow hair in two weeks, by reading this eBook you will get fully educated about hair loss, the root causes and the best natural foods that can help you to overcome the problem.

Hair Growth Recipes And Smoothies - The additional guides about recipes and smoothies is a real advantage because you can use these recipes for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Even those who are hard pressed for time can take advantage of the smoothies and gain the much needed nutrients for hair growth.

Easy To Follow Guides - Things have been explained in the simplest manner possible by David McKenna without using much of the medical jargon so that an average person can read, understand and implement.

The nutrients, vitamins and minerals mentioned in the guide can be included in your diet by making simple modifications without totally changing your diet.

This is much simpler than following an altogether new diet specifically for hair growth.

The guides provide information for all types of hair losses and for both men and women. Therefore there would be no confusion about different treatment plans to be followed by different people and different cases.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee - This product comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. Therefore you can purchase the package and try it out for 60 days.

If you don’t like the product or if it does not work for you then you can claim a refund of your money within 60 days.

Since the product comes in digital PDF format you can download it from the product website after making your payment.

Of course, those who are physical book readers, they will be a bit disappointed because there is no physical book here.


PGD2 Relationship -The product is based on the fact that PGD2 enzyme production is the real cause of hair fall and inhibition of PGD2 by eating the right foods will prevent hair loss and regrow hair.

While there is some proof about PGD2 and its impact on hair fall however, further conclusive clinical trial evidence is still awaited.

And some studies have indicated that PGD2 inhibition can stop hair loss but not regrow hair.

Results May Vary - We need to recognize that the genetic makeup of each person is different and therefore the results of this program may not be the same for everyone.

Some people may get great results and some may only get mediocre results and some others may not see any improvement at all. This is the reality about all types of treatments.

Results May Take Much Longer - David McKenna has indicated that one can see results by following this program in as little as 14 days.

However this may be the ideal case and most people may not see results so fast.

In fact it may take several months before you see the results of this program. Therefore those who try and quit too early may not see the results.

Regrow Hair Protocol FAQ:

Is Regrow Hair Protocol for Men And Women?

While the program talks about hair loss for men and the sales presentation also talks about men, however the program is meant for both men and women.

Therefore women can also follow the program and get the desired results.

How Long Will it Take to See Results?

As indicated earlier in this article, only in rare cases you may see results in 14 days.

Therefore be prepared to follow the program for at least three months if you are serious about solving the problem of hair loss.

Where Can I Purchase The Recommended Food Items?

The food items mentioned in the guide will be supplementing your existing diet.

Most of these items should be available in a super market or a pharmacy store near you. And these items will not cost you much.

You may have to order some of the oils, lotions and other topical items online if you don’t find them in a supermarket or local pharmacy.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Eating Foods That Inhibit PGD2 Production?

In general the food items mention in the regrow hair protocol guide do not have any side effects.

However it is quite possible that you may be allergic to certain food and the best thing is to use a substitute food item.

You can consult a dietician or a doctor who can recommend a safe substitute for the food item that you are allergic to.

Can Women Experiencing Hair Loss Due To Hormonal Imbalance Use This Program?

According to David, this program can be used by women who are suffering hair loss due to menopause, birth control pills or even pregnancy.

The food items mentioned in this program are safe for women experiencing hair loss due to various issues.

However as a precaution, pregnant women should always consult a doctor before including food items mentioned in David McKenna’s Red Dragon Hair Regrowth guide.

Is Regrow Hair Protocol A Scam?

No this is a real information product by David McKenna and you can purchase it online without the fear of getting scammed.

If you don’t like the product or if it does not work for you then you can get a refund of your money.

Regrow Hair Protocol Review Conclusions

This program is based on the fact that over production of PGD2 causes hair loss and if you can stop over production of PGD2 then you can stop hair loss and regrow hair.

However there is still no 100% conclusive scientific study that proves this.

The foods and other items mentioned in David McKenna’s guide may put you on the healthy lifestyle path.

However there can be no guarantees that the method mentioned in this guide will stop hair loss and regrow hair for everyone.

The only way to find out if regrow hair protocol works is to try it out yourself and see if it is effective for you.