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Coconut Oil For Hair Growth - Does It Work?

In the last few years coconut oil has become popular for several reasons. It's being included in shampoos, conditioners, skin care products and hair treatment products.

The reason coconut oil has become popular is because some scientific studies have indicated some benefits of this oil for hair health. However, this oil needs to be used in the correct way to reap the benefits.

There are some products in the market that claim that coconut oil can prevent hair loss and help in hair growth. The real question is whether these claims are true or not.

In this article we will find facts about coconut oil and its ability to prevent hair loss, treat damaged hair, reverse graying of hair, regrow hair and others.

Does Coconut Oil Prevent Hair Damage?

Many coconut oil based products claim that this oil helps to prevent hair damage and also to reverse damage caused to the hair due to combing, hair styling, heating, sun exposure and others.

In a study conducted way back in 2003 it was found that coconut oil helps in preventing combing damage caused to the hair when used as a pre-wash and post-wash treatment.

The study found out that people who used coconut oil had the lowest rate of hair protein loss. This hair protein loss is a common problem with people who use straighteners, heat and comb the hair frequently.

According to scientists this may be because coconut oil is a triglyceride of Lauric acid and this supports hormone health and cellular health. This is the reason coconut oil prevents and repairs hair damage.

Coconut oil has such a structure that it can penetrate the hair shaft much better than other oils and this is the reason some people experience amazing results with coconut oil in a short period of time.

Coconut Oil For Hair Growth – Does It work?

Many products based on coconut oil claim that this oil helps in hair growth. However there is hardly any scientific proof to justify this claim.

According to an expert dermatologist there is no credible study that has proved that this oil helps in faster hair growth.

Lack of scientific evidence does not mean that coconut oil does not help in faster hair growth but it is just that there is no scientific data to prove this claim.

Therefore if you come across blogs, beauty experts and health experts claiming that coconut oil helps in faster hair growth, you should be skeptical about it.

Does Coconut Oil Prevent Hair Loss?

Again there are no scientific studies that prove that coconut oil prevents hair loss or male pattern baldness caused by DHT.

In fact, you may find some magazines and blogs recommending coconut oil for the scalp instead of a topical solution like minoxidil for preventing hair loss.

Many of the articles use the protein loss study mentioned earlier and refer it for hair loss prevention.

However let's be clear that there have been no studies that prove that coconut oil helps in hair loss prevention.

Now this does not mean that one should not use this oil for hair loss prevention. Those who are getting effective results can surely use it.

Should You Use Coconut Oil As Hair Loss Treatment?

Lots of hair care products, shampoos and conditioners make use of coconut oil because it has a pleasant smell , it gives a great feeling once it is applied to the hair and scalp and it even makes your hair shine.

Most of the products sold in the market are safe to use, provided you follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for use.

However just remember that there are no scientific studies that prove that coconut oil helps to reverse effects of hair loss or regrow hair back.

Does Coconut Oil Work For All Hair Types?

Some people may get very good results after using coconut oil and some others may not get great results. This is because different people respond to coconut oil in a different way.

People who do not have enough natural protein in the hair follicles may benefit by using coconut oil because it helps in retaining natural proteins. And this has been proved scientifically.

Studies have shown that those with fine to medium shiny hair experience good results with coconut oil. They may see stronger, shinier and more volume in their hair.

Whereas those with dry and coarse hair may not have the problem of low natural protein in the hair follicles and therefore they may not see great results with the use of coconut oil.

In fact these people may see more brittle hair along with hair loss when they use coconut oil.

How To Safely Use Coconut Oil For Hair

Before you start using coconut oil in a big way for your hair, it is best to follow some simple steps that provide you safety.

Firstly use a small quantity of the oil and see how your hair responds. Using a large amount straight away is not going to give you better results. So testing out with small quantity is the best way to experiment.

Not everyone may benefit from applying the oil to the scalp. Of course, those with dandruff and fungal infection may benefit because of the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of this oil.

Applying oil to the scalp may clog the pores and cause irritation for some people. Therefore it is best to use it on the hair and not on the scalp.

Adding other ingredients to coconut oil may make it more effective. There are recipes that include things like onion, honey, yogurt etc to increase the effectiveness of coconut oil.

Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Hair

Coconut oil has Lauric acid that penetrates the hair shaft and helps to bind the hair protein. This helps in preventing damage to the hair roots and strands.

Since the oil penetrates the hair shaft well it protects the hair from environmental pollutants and heat.

Since coconut oil has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties it helps fighting bacterial and fungal hair and scalp infections.

Massaging coconut oil into the scalp helps in improving blood circulation to the hair follicles. And when combined with certain other ingredients it works really well.

Coconut oil can act like the sebum in cases where the natural scalp oil gets removed due to over shampooing and heating of the hair.

Coconut oil works like a natural conditioner for your hair by keeping it soft and shiny.

Coconut oil has vitamin E, vitamin K, iron, potassium and other antioxidants that help in fighting dandruff which is known to slow down hair growth.

Now that we know the benefits of coconut oil let us see how to use this oil with certain other ingredients. Given below are some recipes that are known to work well for hair loss and to regrow hair.

Coconut Oil And Olive Oil Conditioning

The combination of coconut oil and olive oil works very well for moisturizing the scalp and conditioning the hair. This deep conditioning mix fights dryness, gives you soft and frizz free hair when used properly.

This conditioning treatment requires two tablespoons of olive oil and coconut oil each. Mix the two oils well and indirectly heat it slightly so that it is just warm enough to be applied to your hair and scalp.

Massage the oil combination into your hair and scalp with your fingers.

Now take a towel and soak it in warm water. Take the towel out of warm water and squeeze out the excess water.

Wrap the towel over your head and let it remain for one hour. This will allow the oil combination to penetrate deep and nourish the hair follicles.

After an hour wash off your hair with a mild natural shampoo.

You can do this conditioning treatment once a week to condition your hair.

Coconut Oil And Lemon Juice Treatment

Coconut oil has several vitamins, Lauric acid and antioxidants that are beneficial for the hair.

Lemon juice has vitamin C that is useful for collagen production. And collagen impacts the hair growth rate.

Lemon juice also helps in cleansing the hair follicles and unclogs the pores on your scalp.

Lemon juice is acidic and should not be used directly on your face and scalp.

When lemon juice is mixed with coconut oil it does wonders. This combination reduces scalp itchiness, reduces dandruff, makes hair soft and prevents graying and thinning of hair.

For making this treatment, mix one tablespoon of lemon juice with three tablespoons of coconut oil.

Massage this mixture into your scalp and leave it for one hour.

Subsequently you can wash your hair with a mild organic shampoo.

This routine can be done once a week.

Coconut Oil And Onion Juice Hair Growth Treatment

Several studies have indicated the effectiveness of onion juice for hair growth, including the 2002 abstract from Journal of Dermatology.

Onion juice is a natural remedy for thinning hair, it helps fight scalp infections and most importantly it optimizes the hair growth cycle. The presence of sulfur in onion works well for the scalp and hair health.

There are many benefits of coconut oil that we have already discussed in this article.

The combination of coconut oil and onion juice works well as a hair treatment.

To make the mix of onion juice and coconut oil for hair growth, you just need two medium sized red onions and three tablespoons of virgin coconut oil.

Grate the two onions or put them in a mixer grinder. Now take a cheesecloth and squeeze the juice from the grated / ground onions.

Now warm the coconut oil little bit by placing a cup of the oil over boiling water. Now mix the oil with the onion juice.

Apply this mix to your scalp by massaging it with your fingers.

You can put a shower cap over your head after you apply the mix. Leave the mix to work for 45 minutes.

After 45 minutes you can wash your hair with a natural shampoo conditioner.

Repeat this procedure twice a week to get best results.

Coconut Oil And Indian Gooseberry Hair Mask

When coconut oil is combined with Indian Gooseberry, also known as Amla, you get a combination that is believed to promote hair growth.

In fact you can find several brands of hair oil that have Indian Gooseberry as one of the main ingredients.

While there are several other masks that can be purchased and made, however, this one is easy and inexpensive to make at home.

For this you need coconut oil and dried gooseberry pieces / powder. For two tablespoons of coconut oil you will need one tablespoon of gooseberry powder.

You will have to heat the oil and add the gooseberry powder to the oil. Let it simmer for about 5 minutes.

Now strain the oil to remove the powdered gooseberry pieces and let the oil cool down.

You can now apply the oil to your scalp and hair and leave it overnight by wearing a cap to prevent staining of clothes and pillow.

Next morning wash your hair with warm water and a mild natural shampoo. You can apply coconut oil gooseberry hair mask twice a week to get good results.

Coconut Oil And Avocado Hair Mask

Another great home remedy for promoting hair growth is the combination of coconut oil with Avocado. It seems avocado contains vitamin E that helps to grow hair and stop hair loss.

For this treatment, take three tablespoons of coconut oil and half ripe avocado. Use a mixer grinder to mix coconut oil with avocado and create a puree.

Apply the puree to your scalp and massage using your fingers. Let the mix remain on the scalp for 30 minutes.

Now take a mild organic shampoo to wash and rinse your hair properly.

This mask can be used two to three times a week.

Coconut Oil And Castor Oil For Hair Growth

Castor oil helps to prevent and remedy hair loss due to many reasons. The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties help to fight scalp infection, dandruff and folliculitis. This oil also contains ricinoleic acid that helps in improved blood circulation on the scalp and hair growth.

Similarly coconut oil has many benefits for the hair. Combination of both the oils works well for hair health.

Here is how you should use these two oils together.

Take equal quantities of coconut oil and castor oil and mix them well.

Boil water in a vessel with a large base.

Place the oil mix in a cup and let the cup float in the boiling water for a few minutes.

You can now add a few drops of any aromatic oil of your choice.

Now apply the oil mix to your scalp and hair with your fingers and gently massage.

Dip a towel in warm water and then take it out and squeeze all the excess water from the towel.

Wrap the towel over your head and let the oil mix penetrate and do the job for couple of hours.

After one or two hours you can wash your hair using a mild organic shampoo.

You can use this routine once a week

Coconut Oil And Cayenne Pepper For Hair Growth

There are studies that have indicated the effectiveness of cayenne pepper for hair growth. The best way to benefit from these peppers is by combining them with coconut oil.

Take 250 ml of coconut oil in a jar and add two tablespoons of powdered cayenne to this oil.

Place the jar in a dark place for two weeks.

After two weeks strain the oil so that there is no cayenne powder left in the oil. This oil will be red in color.

Use a small quantity of this oil on your scalp and If there is no allergic reaction then you can use this oil.

Application of this oil is going to sting a bit so be prepared for it.

Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin and this is what causes the sting.

If you are ok with the sting then apply this oil to your scalp and leave it for couple of hours or as long as you can put up with the sting.

Capsaicin helps in improved blood circulation to the scalp. This in turn means faster hair growth, increase in hair volume and thickness.

Coconut Oil And Camphor For Hair Growth

Camphor is a great ingredient for stopping hair loss, removing scalp itchiness and dandruff, and growing fast hair. Camphor has antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help in treating hair problems.

Camphor stimulates blood circulation in the scalp thus strengthening the hair and promotes hair growth. When combined with other oils like coconut oil it works really well.

To make this oil you will need to mix equal parts of coconut oil and camphor in a small cup.

Now take this mix and massage it into the scalp with your fingers.

Let the combination work for about 30 minutes.

Subsequently you can wash your hair with normal shampoo.

If this combination is used regularly then it helps in hair growth.

Coconut Oil And Aloe Vera Hair Mask

Aloe Vera is great for your skin and hair. Aloe vera contains proteolytic enzymes which helps in repairing dead skin cells on your scalp and acts as a great conditioner for your hair.

To get best results it is recommended to create a hair mask using coconut oil and aloe vera.

Take equal quantities of aloe vera and coconut oil. Make sure that coconut oil is pure and is melted.

If possible get aloe vera gel from the plant leaf itself. Otherwise you can buy pure aloe vera gel from a store.

Mix coconut oil and aloe vera gel and add a few drops of tea tree oil or lavender oil. Make sure you get a fine paste without any solids in it.

Apply the coconut oil aloe vera hair mask to your scalp and hair. Massage slightly with your fingers.

Let the mask work on your scalp for couple of hours.

After couple of hours you can wash your hair the normal way by using an organic shampoo that's mild.

This mask can be stored in the refrigerator for about a month and can be used multiple times during the month.

Coconut Oil For Hair Growth - Conclusions

If you really want to stop hair loss and regrow hair with natural ways then you can try out some of the many techniques that have been provided in this post.

Some of the ingredients used in combination with coconut oil have been proven scientifically to stimulate hair growth. Therefore you just need to try a few of these techniques and find out what works for you.