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Can Guava Leaves Help To Stop Hair Loss?

This may seem unbelievable, but many studies have indicated that guava leaves can help to stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally.

Winter can be a tough time for your skin and the scalp. One may experience a lot of hair fall during winters.

Even otherwise hair loss is now a common phenomenon with young boys and girls. Possibly the environmental pollution is one of the major catalyst for this phenomenon.

Like lot of other people, you may have tried several anti hair fall products, salon treatments, expensive hair restoration products and natural home remedies. And it is possible that none of these methods could solve your hair loss problem.

If you have given up all hope of regrowing lost hair then let me tell you that this miraculous natural ingredient called guava leaf does a decent job. It seems it can help you to grow back your crowning glory.

When I mentioned this to a few of my friends they thought that I was joking. But some of them did care to follow my instructions and they were not disappointed.

But just to set your expectations right, this is surely not a miracle treatment that will grow you hair back in a few days.

However regular use of the leaves for few months can not only stop hair loss but help to regrow hair with vigor.

Even if you are experiencing only minor hair fall this remedy may be worth trying. When the problem gets severe not only is it difficult to treat but it also becomes expensive. You should make use of this natural remedy that works and is also not expensive.

What Are The Beneficial Ingredients In Guava Leaves?

The guava fruit and the leaves are both popular because of the nutrients they contain. The fruit and the leaves contain vitamin B and vitamin C.

These vitamins are known to help in promoting collagen activity which is important for hair growth.

According to one study, guava leaves have anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and antioxidant properties which help in improved scalp health.

It seems the lycopene content in the leaves help in protecting the scalp from the harsh ultra violet rays. Vitamin C in guava leaves help in promoting collagen activity.

Another important benefit of guava leaves is the fact that it is plant item and is completely natural.

The medicines you buy from a medical shop or the ones recommended by your hair specialist would have chemicals that can cause side effects.

Since guava leaves don’t have chemicals you are unlikely to experience any serious reaction unless you have some kind of allergy to guava fruit and its leaves.

The antioxidants in guava leaves help to fight free radicals and thus prevent hair damage. The extract from the leaves help to nourish the scalp and thus root out the dandruff problem

Guava leaves may be new to many of you however this item has been in use for many centuries in Mexico and some parts of South America as a medicine.

How To Use Guava Leaves For Hair Growth?

One of the easiest ways to use guava leaves is to make a tea using the leaves and drink it. You can also cool the tea and use the decoction for applying to your scalp.

However to get the best benefit from this remedy you should prepare a guava leaf hair care solution and use it regularly. To prepare this solution use the following steps.

Take handful of guava leaves and boil them in one liter of water. Allow the leaves to boil for 20 to 30 minutes. Subsequently let the solution cool down to room temperature before you can use the decoction.

Filter the decoction so that the leaves are removed and you just have the hair care solution.

Before you use this solution ensure that your hair is clean and does not have any other hair care product.

Apply the solution to the scalp section by section so that the entire scalp is covered. Make sure to massage the solution into the scalp so that the nutrients are absorbed properly.

Massaging will also improve the blood circulation in the scalp. You can do the massaging for about 15 minutes so that the solution is spread adequately.

It is important the hair roots and the tips get exposed to the solution in order to get best results.

You can leave the solution on your hair for about 2 hours. Alternately you can wrap a towel and sleep with it for a while.

The next step is to wash your hair with lukewarm water. If you use warm water then it will dry your hair and scalp. So avoid getting a dry scalp by using lukewarm water.

How Frequently Should You Use The Guava Hair Care Solution?

If you are just looking to regrow hair naturally and keep your hair in good health then you can use this solution once a week.

If you use an all natural shampoo without chemicals then you can add this solution to the shampoo and use the shampoo once a week.

If you want to stop hair loss and grow hair then you should be using the solution three times a week.

For severe hair loss cases it is advised to consult a specialist doctor.

In addition to using guava leaves you can also consume the fruit regularly as it contains vitamins and nutrients that are not only beneficial for hair and the scalp but also for your overall health.